Franco Boni | Cubes

CUBES 2.8/5.3/35.27 OZ

Available in 2.8, 5.3 and 35.27 ounce formats.

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Franco Boni Cubes are cut from aged Parmigiano Reggiano whole wheels.
The wheels are cut into disks, the rinds removed and then divided into rather large 1-ounce cubes.
Cubes of this size can be obtained since the original wheels are whole and aged according to regulations.
The cut product is packaged in vacuum-packed cans in protected atmosphere, ready to eat.
An ideal snack any time of the day, for lunch boxes or after a sporting event. The special package makes it convenient to carry and to take with you wherever you go.
Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet.
Packed in protective atmosphere
Store max +46°F.

Nutritional values per 3.5 ounces
  Calories     392 kcal (1633 kJ)     %RDA  
Protein 33.0 g
Carbohydrates 0.0 g
Fat 28.4 g
Calcium 1160 mg 145
Phosphorus 678 mg 97