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Our Parmigiano Reggiano

We only use Parmigiano Reggiano di Montagna DOP from the hills of Parma and Reggio Emilia. We let it age for 22-24 months. Our cheese only contains milk, salt and rennet (98%). Furthermore, a whopping 17 quarts of raw cow's milk to obtain 2.2 pounds of Parmigiano Reggiano.
These ingredients - rich in nutritional substances such as protein, vitamins, phosphorus and calcium - make Parmigiano Reggiano a healthy source of nutrition for children, senior citizens and athletes.

Moreover, Parmigiano Reggiano is:
- Lactose-free - appropriate for lactose intolerant consumers
- Sugar-free with no carbohydrates - appropriate for diabetics
- Gluten-free - for celiacs
- Additive and preservative-free

Nutritional values per 3.5 ounces
  Calories     392 kcal (1633 kJ)     %RDA  
Protein 33.0 g
Carbohydrates 0.0 g
Fat 28.4 g
Calcium 1160 mg 145
Phosphorus 678 mg 97